Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I LOVE nights that Chris is home for a number of reasons....one that tops the list is that he makes dinner! I HATE cooking dinner, such a PIA if you ask me. Chris is the chef in this house, and thank goodness for that! One of our FAVORITE go to summer meals is good ole BBQ chicken! OH YUMMY and OH MESSY! He serves whatever we have on hand...usually rice and a veggie. Last night we had cauliflower and cheesy broccoli rice....whole meal done 40 minutes...even better. 20 min of which was just parboiling the chicken so it does not take so long on the grill. He slabs on the BBQ sauce in the last few minutes of sizzling on the grill. Favorite BBQ sauce is Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Barbecue.

After dinner the boyZ begged for a fire and a little marshmallow roasting. YAH mama wants a marshmallow!!! Chris does mine while I sit back and choke on the smoke, I mean enjoy the fire. So good, toasted so brown on the outside and sticky sweet on the inside. Zain likes his "raw" as he calls it and Zakary just started to like marshmallows last year.

Nights like this are one of my favorites! Everything seems so much simpler in the summer! Don't you think? What is your favorite carefree family summer activity? My list includes outdoor dinners like last night, full days at ANY body of water, bike rides (so much easier when I am not pregnant), walks, and ICE CREAM :o) I can't wait to read yours!

Enjoy your summer, make memories!



  1. Yummy!! The marshmallow and chicken pictures made me hungry. Summer nights with family are the best.

  2. Yup....you guys have made us addicted to BBQ'ed chicken now too! Soooo yummy indeed! I LOVE the marshmellow pic - VERY Cool!!