Monday, July 26, 2010

3 Year Old, Soccer Camp, 9 Month Preggo Mommy!

I LOVE soccer! My dad signed me up at the early age of 3 (you MUST is my dad's passion! HE STILL plays to this day!) he coached me, my 2 sisters Leigha, Hannah, and my brother Bud until we moved up from Midgets to PeeWees. I remember getting ready in my GREEN LIONS soccer shirt every Friday night and Saturday morning, putting my shinguards on and my HUGE soccer socks. I thought I was the coolest! Granted I didn't always play soccer out on the field, sometimes I would pick flowers, do cartwheels, or complain to my dad that I wanted to go home....BUT looking back now I am so happy I was able to start so young! I played soccer all through high school...I wish that I played rec in college but never found the time to make a game....
In this photo I was about 7 and my sister Leigha is 4...gotta LOVE my shorts LOL!!!!!

When we found out we were having a son almost 4 years ago I was so excited to someday become a soccer MOM!!! Friends, TODAY was the DAY!!!! (yes Zakary does play soccer as well, but he plays in NY where his mom lives so we can't always go to all the practices, games, and camps. Let me tell you when we do go I am right there with my camera and my GO ZAK LENT shirt that I have made for the whole family LOL) Zain got dressed this morning in his white ADIDAS soccer short, black shirt, shinguards (that go to his knees, LOVE IT) with his black and white HUGE soccer socks....I was wrong years ago...I was not the coolest ZAIN IS!!!!

Mr Zain arrived Soccer Camp this morning, 8:30 sharp.....I knew that he would not go right out on the field and just start just does not happen like that. I am aware of this...I did not freak, my child won't be the only one (and he wasn't all the other 3 year olds wanted their parent as well PHEW!)...... Zain is a bit of a Mamma's boy (when I am around) SOOOOOOO in order to get him to go out there I had to go too....not Dad, nope he wanted his 9 month preggo mamma to run around and kick the soccer ball with him. I have to be honest I LOVED it....but would have loved it much more if I was not pregnant!!! OMGoodness I must have looked like a fool out there HAHA!!!!

He did a pretty good job considering that the coaches changed a few things in the program. Originally it was for 3 and 4 year olds from 9-9:45. Today they told us they combined 2 groups, so now we have 3-6 year olds and the time will run from 9-11 at no additional cost. GREAT, if my child was 6, but not so much for a 3 year old!!!! He did really well the first 40ish minutes (with me right's normal right??? please say yes...but I won't be upset if you say no) We decided to leave at 10....other parents had the same idea as well. I do not ever want to force my children to do a sport or rec activity...he said he was done, he was on the verge of a meltdown so we left before any of that happened. We will go back tomorrow and see how the morning goes. I am HOPING , crossing finger, toes, cankles, legs, arms, you name it he will participate by himself by the end of the week.

Tomorrow is make a smoothie for your coach day...I thought they were kidding but they were serious....hmmmm we just went blueberry picking, add some milk, vanilla soy, and ice...sounds good to me...maybe I will make 2 ;o)

Till next time!!!


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  1. All of your pictures are just precious but the one of you and Leigha at the top of this post is just pricelessly precious! Adorable you guys were/are! :-)