Monday, July 19, 2010

Welcome to my Rockin Home!!!

Hi New Friends!
Welcome to the Marro-Lent home! My name is Kylah, I am MOM, I decided to start this blog to discuss life in our ROCKIN home!!!! Let me start by introducing us all.

Chris: DAD....chef at a local Bar and Grill. Heavy Metal music is one of Chris's passions and he is definitely passing this on to the boyZ!!! One of his ALL TIME favorite bands in KISS!!! the boyZ also LOVE KISS!
Kylah: MOM....I work with a 99 year old Alzheimer's patient and have been with her for over 6 years. She is a wonderful lady who has taught me so much! She will be 100 in Dec. I have a passion for paper crafting, I am a Stampin Up Demonstrator I love sharing new ideas and techniques!!!

Chris and I met through mutual friends in December 2004...I didn't think he was interested in me at all because he didn't ask for my phone number, but he just wanted to be "sneaky" about it. We had our first date in January and have been together ever since! He is my rock and I am so grateful we found each other.

Zakary Collyn: Bigger Brother, Z1 Zakary is Chris's oldest son from a previous relationship. Zak lives 2 hours away and we have him every other weekend, vacations, and SUMMER TIME!!!! Zak just turned 8 years old on June 13th and will be going into the 2nd grade in September. Zak is into Legos, Star Wars, bike rides, swimming, playing outside, karate, and so many other FUN activities! I am so lucky to have Zakary in my life!!!!
Zain Noah: Big Brother to be, Z2 Zain is our very active 3 year old! He is soon to be a big brother and I am not sure how he really feels about this. I know he is going to be a rocking big brother just like Zak! Zain is very active in programs at the local the moment he is in Pike/Eel swimming lessons.

Baby Boy Z, Z3 is due to arrive August 12th. We are all very anxious to meet him! Pregnancy is really not my all time favorite thing in the world and it has been one of the hottest summers in 8 years...SOOOO I am really ready!!! We are 37 weeks! ANY DAY NOW!!!!!

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know our family and you stop by often! We are always doing fun things at this house!!!!!


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  1. Yahoooie!!! I love how you have introduced everyone....absolutely perfect. :-)