Friday, July 30, 2010

The Good and the Not So Good


Talking with Coach Dave

These are the bracelets Zain gave Coach Dave, and Coach Adam
Soccer Camp continues!  I am still having FUN watching Zain out on the soccer field after 4 straight days.  Four mornings of making sure we are all up, breakfast made and swallowed, dressed, bags packed, Gatorade chilled, sunscreen, hats, and project of the day...WHEW

My goal on Monday was to have him out on the field without me by Friday...WELL he did it with  Zakary on Tuesday!!!  I was so excited!  He lasted till about 10 and I was thrilled with that.  He came home and had a 3 hour nap after lunch. We had such a great day!!

Day 3 Wednesday didn't go as well at all!  My friend JoAnn, Gramma Jo, came to watch Zain and he did not want anything to do with soccer AT ALL!  He wanted to be with Jo and her granddaughter Madison.  I will admit I was a bit embarrassed!  Zain sat on my lap and ate his snack instead of playing on Wednesday.  There were some tears too....I wanted to cry as patience, unfortunately, has been missing the past few days....blaming this waiting game I am playing.  We got through it though and I learned that somedays are just better then others.

After having such a hard day on Wednesday I was not looking forward to Thursday....Chris had to work early so that meant I would be there alone with the biggie at all it is just a little easier to have some support when he does not want to do it.  

To my surprise Thursday was AWESOME!!!  He was so good and really enjoyed it!  I sat in my chair the entire time, sipped my water while I watched....NOT playing.  He only came over a few times to get a drink and he played in ALL the games. It appeared as though he was understanding what Coach Dave was asking him to totally ROCKED! As I was sitting there watching my baby play soccer my mind wandered to the day he was born.  My little baby boy is now a toddler with a strong mind of his OWN!!!!  WOW!!!!  Where has time gone.  I am so happy I am able to be there for these memories!

So everyday this week the parents, I mean kids had to do a project (ya right my kid is 3, the sun is out till 8pm, he wants to be OUTSIDE running around!) Thursday was make a bracelet for your coach day.  Well people I am ONE OF THOSE PARENTS!!!!  I went to the store to buy some really cool things to make the coached a ROCKING bracelet from ZAIN!!!  They didn't take much time at all BUT he didn't really help.  I'm the parent that did the project FOR HIM...eeekkksss  He was in bed by the time I finally got the stuff together.  I should have involved him more, but I didn't OH WELL!  HE was still proud that these were from him!  Oh and can I tell you when the coaches said WOW look at these fancy ones....yup I smiled ;o)

Coaches and their bracelets!

Tomorrow is the last day  FLAG DAY!....I think I will be sad next week when we don't have to go....BUT no running around each morning and a little sleep in time WILL be nice as well!

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  1. Congratulations to your big boy for doing such a great job! You have to be exhausted!

  2. Thanks SHaron...pretty tired...I have this awful seal barking cold that will NOT go away! Thanks we are very proud of Mr Zain

  3. Hi Kylah! Thanks for your comment on my blog! Your boys are too cute and I can really relate to this post! My 4 year old played blast ball (like t-ball) last summer for the first time and participated/had fun in 2 of the 4 games. It's so hard to be okay with that as a parent. I don't think other parents think that much of it, but we always feel so embarrassed. Especially when Daddy was the coach. I think a lot of parents have been there though. I'm impressed you were out there running around 9 months pregnant! Wow! Good luck these last few weeks! :)