Friday, July 30, 2010

The Good and the Not So Good


Talking with Coach Dave

These are the bracelets Zain gave Coach Dave, and Coach Adam
Soccer Camp continues!  I am still having FUN watching Zain out on the soccer field after 4 straight days.  Four mornings of making sure we are all up, breakfast made and swallowed, dressed, bags packed, Gatorade chilled, sunscreen, hats, and project of the day...WHEW

My goal on Monday was to have him out on the field without me by Friday...WELL he did it with  Zakary on Tuesday!!!  I was so excited!  He lasted till about 10 and I was thrilled with that.  He came home and had a 3 hour nap after lunch. We had such a great day!!

Day 3 Wednesday didn't go as well at all!  My friend JoAnn, Gramma Jo, came to watch Zain and he did not want anything to do with soccer AT ALL!  He wanted to be with Jo and her granddaughter Madison.  I will admit I was a bit embarrassed!  Zain sat on my lap and ate his snack instead of playing on Wednesday.  There were some tears too....I wanted to cry as patience, unfortunately, has been missing the past few days....blaming this waiting game I am playing.  We got through it though and I learned that somedays are just better then others.

After having such a hard day on Wednesday I was not looking forward to Thursday....Chris had to work early so that meant I would be there alone with the biggie at all it is just a little easier to have some support when he does not want to do it.  

To my surprise Thursday was AWESOME!!!  He was so good and really enjoyed it!  I sat in my chair the entire time, sipped my water while I watched....NOT playing.  He only came over a few times to get a drink and he played in ALL the games. It appeared as though he was understanding what Coach Dave was asking him to totally ROCKED! As I was sitting there watching my baby play soccer my mind wandered to the day he was born.  My little baby boy is now a toddler with a strong mind of his OWN!!!!  WOW!!!!  Where has time gone.  I am so happy I am able to be there for these memories!

So everyday this week the parents, I mean kids had to do a project (ya right my kid is 3, the sun is out till 8pm, he wants to be OUTSIDE running around!) Thursday was make a bracelet for your coach day.  Well people I am ONE OF THOSE PARENTS!!!!  I went to the store to buy some really cool things to make the coached a ROCKING bracelet from ZAIN!!!  They didn't take much time at all BUT he didn't really help.  I'm the parent that did the project FOR HIM...eeekkksss  He was in bed by the time I finally got the stuff together.  I should have involved him more, but I didn't OH WELL!  HE was still proud that these were from him!  Oh and can I tell you when the coaches said WOW look at these fancy ones....yup I smiled ;o)

Coaches and their bracelets!

Tomorrow is the last day  FLAG DAY!....I think I will be sad next week when we don't have to go....BUT no running around each morning and a little sleep in time WILL be nice as well!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


Every Wednesday I will be posting a photo, or series of photos for your enjoyment.

Please feel free to add a caption in the comments! Can't wait to see what you say!

Have a ROCKING Wednesday!!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I LOVE nights that Chris is home for a number of that tops the list is that he makes dinner! I HATE cooking dinner, such a PIA if you ask me. Chris is the chef in this house, and thank goodness for that! One of our FAVORITE go to summer meals is good ole BBQ chicken! OH YUMMY and OH MESSY! He serves whatever we have on hand...usually rice and a veggie. Last night we had cauliflower and cheesy broccoli rice....whole meal done 40 minutes...even better. 20 min of which was just parboiling the chicken so it does not take so long on the grill. He slabs on the BBQ sauce in the last few minutes of sizzling on the grill. Favorite BBQ sauce is Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Barbecue.

After dinner the boyZ begged for a fire and a little marshmallow roasting. YAH mama wants a marshmallow!!! Chris does mine while I sit back and choke on the smoke, I mean enjoy the fire. So good, toasted so brown on the outside and sticky sweet on the inside. Zain likes his "raw" as he calls it and Zakary just started to like marshmallows last year.

Nights like this are one of my favorites! Everything seems so much simpler in the summer! Don't you think? What is your favorite carefree family summer activity? My list includes outdoor dinners like last night, full days at ANY body of water, bike rides (so much easier when I am not pregnant), walks, and ICE CREAM :o) I can't wait to read yours!

Enjoy your summer, make memories!


Monday, July 26, 2010

3 Year Old, Soccer Camp, 9 Month Preggo Mommy!

I LOVE soccer! My dad signed me up at the early age of 3 (you MUST is my dad's passion! HE STILL plays to this day!) he coached me, my 2 sisters Leigha, Hannah, and my brother Bud until we moved up from Midgets to PeeWees. I remember getting ready in my GREEN LIONS soccer shirt every Friday night and Saturday morning, putting my shinguards on and my HUGE soccer socks. I thought I was the coolest! Granted I didn't always play soccer out on the field, sometimes I would pick flowers, do cartwheels, or complain to my dad that I wanted to go home....BUT looking back now I am so happy I was able to start so young! I played soccer all through high school...I wish that I played rec in college but never found the time to make a game....
In this photo I was about 7 and my sister Leigha is 4...gotta LOVE my shorts LOL!!!!!

When we found out we were having a son almost 4 years ago I was so excited to someday become a soccer MOM!!! Friends, TODAY was the DAY!!!! (yes Zakary does play soccer as well, but he plays in NY where his mom lives so we can't always go to all the practices, games, and camps. Let me tell you when we do go I am right there with my camera and my GO ZAK LENT shirt that I have made for the whole family LOL) Zain got dressed this morning in his white ADIDAS soccer short, black shirt, shinguards (that go to his knees, LOVE IT) with his black and white HUGE soccer socks....I was wrong years ago...I was not the coolest ZAIN IS!!!!

Mr Zain arrived Soccer Camp this morning, 8:30 sharp.....I knew that he would not go right out on the field and just start just does not happen like that. I am aware of this...I did not freak, my child won't be the only one (and he wasn't all the other 3 year olds wanted their parent as well PHEW!)...... Zain is a bit of a Mamma's boy (when I am around) SOOOOOOO in order to get him to go out there I had to go too....not Dad, nope he wanted his 9 month preggo mamma to run around and kick the soccer ball with him. I have to be honest I LOVED it....but would have loved it much more if I was not pregnant!!! OMGoodness I must have looked like a fool out there HAHA!!!!

He did a pretty good job considering that the coaches changed a few things in the program. Originally it was for 3 and 4 year olds from 9-9:45. Today they told us they combined 2 groups, so now we have 3-6 year olds and the time will run from 9-11 at no additional cost. GREAT, if my child was 6, but not so much for a 3 year old!!!! He did really well the first 40ish minutes (with me right's normal right??? please say yes...but I won't be upset if you say no) We decided to leave at 10....other parents had the same idea as well. I do not ever want to force my children to do a sport or rec activity...he said he was done, he was on the verge of a meltdown so we left before any of that happened. We will go back tomorrow and see how the morning goes. I am HOPING , crossing finger, toes, cankles, legs, arms, you name it he will participate by himself by the end of the week.

Tomorrow is make a smoothie for your coach day...I thought they were kidding but they were serious....hmmmm we just went blueberry picking, add some milk, vanilla soy, and ice...sounds good to me...maybe I will make 2 ;o)

Till next time!!!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting things DONE!

HI Friends!!!!

Yesterday was such a productive day! Chris and I were getting things DONE for the arrival of Baby Z! It was so HUMID here in NH, but that did not stop us! We spent all day in the 3 bedrooms upstairs can you say heat central! We do have AC but I thought it would be nice to have some fresh air coming in....what a bad idea......

So what did we do???? Well all laundry is folded and put away...whew what a relief! I HATE putting laundry away!!!!! I don't mind putting it in the washer, switching it over to the dryer...and MY FAVORITE part is taking out the fresh warm laundry out and I just will sit there and smell it...ahh my favorite scent in the world!!!! I really don't even mind folding I watch GH (LOL)'s just the putting in the drawers and hanging it in the closet part that I despise. My "dirty laundry" secret is I have CLEAN laundry in baskets in my room that takes me FOREVER to put away...oh well could be worse! For now all laundry is put away and there are NO laundry baskets in my looks WONDERFUL! I should take a picture to remember what it looks like so I can always keep it like this!

Chris put the bassinet back together after my mom washed it all up for us last weekend....with Dreft and the hose LOL!!!! He also put all the new knobs on the dresser in Baby Z's room. Thankfully he did all the running up and down the stairs for me too. Ever since I found out I was pregnant back in December I ALWAYS find myself out of breath while walking up the stairs, even more so now that I am NINE months pregnant. CHRISSSSSSS can you bring the paper towels and purple MR CLEAN??? CHRISSSSS can you please grab the load of laundry in the dryer? CHRISSSSSS, CHRISSSSSSS, CHRISSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! Ya he must have been happy to go to work at 4!

The boyZ messed their room about 4 times throughout the day, but it's ok seeing as though they have limited amount of toys in their now....GOTTA LOVE THE NEW TOY ROOM!!!!!! They were having a stuffed animal fight, Chris told them that someone always ends up hurt in pillow fights so they made up their own game. Love those boyZ!

Oh I also started to pack my bag for the hospital...which included charging my 2 camera batteries!!!!!! I hate it when they are dead...

After an entire day of cleaning and sweating I decided to take the boyZ to my moms for a little pool time. We went out for a little ice cream treat, and then back in the pool for a night time swim (MY FAVORITE). We had a great day, work and PLAY! The 3 of us stayed at my moms for the night seeing as though we have 2 birthday parties to attend and it would be very silly to drive back and forth.....

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Sunday!!!!

Kylah MOM

Monday, July 19, 2010

Welcome to my Rockin Home!!!

Hi New Friends!
Welcome to the Marro-Lent home! My name is Kylah, I am MOM, I decided to start this blog to discuss life in our ROCKIN home!!!! Let me start by introducing us all.

Chris: DAD....chef at a local Bar and Grill. Heavy Metal music is one of Chris's passions and he is definitely passing this on to the boyZ!!! One of his ALL TIME favorite bands in KISS!!! the boyZ also LOVE KISS!
Kylah: MOM....I work with a 99 year old Alzheimer's patient and have been with her for over 6 years. She is a wonderful lady who has taught me so much! She will be 100 in Dec. I have a passion for paper crafting, I am a Stampin Up Demonstrator I love sharing new ideas and techniques!!!

Chris and I met through mutual friends in December 2004...I didn't think he was interested in me at all because he didn't ask for my phone number, but he just wanted to be "sneaky" about it. We had our first date in January and have been together ever since! He is my rock and I am so grateful we found each other.

Zakary Collyn: Bigger Brother, Z1 Zakary is Chris's oldest son from a previous relationship. Zak lives 2 hours away and we have him every other weekend, vacations, and SUMMER TIME!!!! Zak just turned 8 years old on June 13th and will be going into the 2nd grade in September. Zak is into Legos, Star Wars, bike rides, swimming, playing outside, karate, and so many other FUN activities! I am so lucky to have Zakary in my life!!!!
Zain Noah: Big Brother to be, Z2 Zain is our very active 3 year old! He is soon to be a big brother and I am not sure how he really feels about this. I know he is going to be a rocking big brother just like Zak! Zain is very active in programs at the local the moment he is in Pike/Eel swimming lessons.

Baby Boy Z, Z3 is due to arrive August 12th. We are all very anxious to meet him! Pregnancy is really not my all time favorite thing in the world and it has been one of the hottest summers in 8 years...SOOOO I am really ready!!! We are 37 weeks! ANY DAY NOW!!!!!

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know our family and you stop by often! We are always doing fun things at this house!!!!!