Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting things DONE!

HI Friends!!!!

Yesterday was such a productive day! Chris and I were getting things DONE for the arrival of Baby Z! It was so HUMID here in NH, but that did not stop us! We spent all day in the 3 bedrooms upstairs can you say heat central! We do have AC but I thought it would be nice to have some fresh air coming in....what a bad idea......

So what did we do???? Well all laundry is folded and put away...whew what a relief! I HATE putting laundry away!!!!! I don't mind putting it in the washer, switching it over to the dryer...and MY FAVORITE part is taking out the fresh warm laundry out and I just will sit there and smell it...ahh my favorite scent in the world!!!! I really don't even mind folding I watch GH (LOL)'s just the putting in the drawers and hanging it in the closet part that I despise. My "dirty laundry" secret is I have CLEAN laundry in baskets in my room that takes me FOREVER to put away...oh well could be worse! For now all laundry is put away and there are NO laundry baskets in my looks WONDERFUL! I should take a picture to remember what it looks like so I can always keep it like this!

Chris put the bassinet back together after my mom washed it all up for us last weekend....with Dreft and the hose LOL!!!! He also put all the new knobs on the dresser in Baby Z's room. Thankfully he did all the running up and down the stairs for me too. Ever since I found out I was pregnant back in December I ALWAYS find myself out of breath while walking up the stairs, even more so now that I am NINE months pregnant. CHRISSSSSSS can you bring the paper towels and purple MR CLEAN??? CHRISSSSS can you please grab the load of laundry in the dryer? CHRISSSSSS, CHRISSSSSSS, CHRISSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! Ya he must have been happy to go to work at 4!

The boyZ messed their room about 4 times throughout the day, but it's ok seeing as though they have limited amount of toys in their now....GOTTA LOVE THE NEW TOY ROOM!!!!!! They were having a stuffed animal fight, Chris told them that someone always ends up hurt in pillow fights so they made up their own game. Love those boyZ!

Oh I also started to pack my bag for the hospital...which included charging my 2 camera batteries!!!!!! I hate it when they are dead...

After an entire day of cleaning and sweating I decided to take the boyZ to my moms for a little pool time. We went out for a little ice cream treat, and then back in the pool for a night time swim (MY FAVORITE). We had a great day, work and PLAY! The 3 of us stayed at my moms for the night seeing as though we have 2 birthday parties to attend and it would be very silly to drive back and forth.....

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Sunday!!!!

Kylah MOM

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