Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dinner Leftovers + Mom's Garden Veggies

Equals a YUMMY lunch! 

 My mom has a wonderful garden with lots of YUMMY FRESH veggies!  I love that she is willing to share with everyone!  She brought these beautiful cukes, green peppers, zucchini, squash, and tomatoes over the other day...Oh boy what is Chris going to make (because we all know I am not making anything)

Well we had so yummy steak the other night for dinner..neither of us could finish up our piece so lunch the next day was YUMMY!!!!

What to do when you have steak fresh veggies and EGGS (oh I have 2 and a half dozen in my fridge...WHY?!?)  You make omelets!  OR have Chris make OMELETS!  I helped....I cut the green peppers and got everything out for him while he jumped on the "jumpoline" with the boyZ

So I have no idea how many eggs he used for each of the omelets...want me to ask?  Chris, CHris, CHRIS!!!!!  Shucks he has his headphones on at the moment...looks like he is making me a playlist for LABOR!!!!  Bring it on

He is such an artist with his knife!

When Chris was in the process of making the omelet in his fry pan I was making lunch for the boyZ...I did see him flip it up in the air and catch it in the pan.....Can I just tell you that when he does this to MY omelet it makes my heart stop BECAUSE I am so afraid it is going to fall on the floor....Geez I need to have a little more the last 5 and a half years he has never dropped mine!

Look at this YUMM omelet!  Chris topped it off with some salsa and sour cream.  Double YUM!  It was so good!  It def filled me right up! 

Well off to talk to Baby Z3.  He really needs to come out on Friday the 13th!  (TODAY IS MY DUE DATE)

Have a great day!



Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Love My Blue Sausages!

My facebook post on Tuesday:

Anyone want to come over and paint my toes this afternoon? I can't reach :o(

I am very lucky to have such great friends and family!  Today my friend Kirsten came over to drop off some Stampin Up catalogs for me and she also brought me some WONDERFUL nail polish!  Marine Scene from Sally Hanson...It is a really cool shade of blue which is very appropriate  (did I seriously spell that right the first time?) seeing as though Baby Boy Z3 is expecting to join us ANY DAY!!!!  Kirsten even offered to stay at my C R A Z Y house and paint my toes for me!  Her kids were all prepared to entertain Zak and Zain...SO SWEET!!!  Chris's sister, Shana, was already on her way over to do my toes. should have seen then before she worked her magic...G R O S S!!!!  She made them look all nice and pretty so when my feet are in my face as I push out my new baby boy I won't be so grossed out!

Look at my cute chubby swollen sausages now!  The boyZ keep telling me how much they just LOVE the color.  They are awesome!!!!

Thank you so much to Kirsten for the great color choice, and to Shana for coming over to pedi me!!!!  (I have actually been VERY lucky, this is the 3rd time I have gotten my toes painted while I have been preggo!  Dawn, Chris's other sister, did it the first time.  My sister Leigha did it last time out by the pool....thank you to the 2 of you as well!)

The boyZ were very happy to have their little cousin Xavier aka X-Man come over for a little play date while Shana worked her magic!  I can't believe how quickly X-Man is growing.  I think Zain doesn't realize that he is a big boy now...he kept saying "do you want to play with the baby toys?"  Too funny!  I took a few pictures of X-Man and this was my favorite!

I hope you all have a great day!


(1 cm dilated, 9 to go! hear the sarcasm haha)

Friday, August 6, 2010

I sew...I so don't

Zain is amazed at how fast this was going.

I CAN'T SEW, but sometimes I like to pretend I know how.  My mom gave let me use her sewing machine earlier this spring when I attempted to make a bag (I did it, looks great, and I use it!) well I still have her machine in my stamp room.  Sooooo I decided to make some burp cloths like my friend Chelly made for me when I was pregnant with Zain.  I love the size of these burp cloths, and they are a nice thick absorbent flannel....PERFECT for lots and lots of spit up!

These are SO EASY!  I would like to thank Chelly for showing me how she made them,  AND for the new pile she made for Baby Z3.

Here is how I did it!!!!

First you want to cut your FLANNEL material.  I just got 1/2 a yard of each pattern the boyZZ and I picked out.  That made one burp cloth.  I should not have even cut it because of the amount I sewed around but whatever :o)  If you get more then 1/2 a yard or you really need measurements then cut 2 pieces at 18"x22" QUICK TIP: Remember to make it a little easier for you keep the fold, then when you start to sew you will only have to sew 3 sides instead of 4 ;o)

I then took the material over the the sewing machine, which I brought into the living room, set it on the boyZZ spiderman table so I could catch up on some GH!

Having my material inside out (pattern sides NOT visual) I stitched a 1/2 inch seam around the 3 sides (did not have to stitch the fold)  and left about 4 inches open so I could return my material right side out.  (this really reminds me of the pillows I made in 8th grade...all except I am not stuffing these)  Chelly told me before I turn my material right side out to clip the corners a little to make a sharp corner when finished...well I forgot to do this every single time and mine still look great :o)

After turning my material right side out I added a quick stitch around the entire burp cloth...all 4 sides.  You can iron the burp cloth before this step so it is nice and criap before you start sewing, my iron was A L L the way upstairs so I just started sewing...  ;o) I am so lazy sometimes....  After I was done with the hem around all 4 sides all I did was cut any extra threads that were hanging around.

Guess what WASH and then you are ready to wipe up some spit up!!!!

These are the burp cloths Chelly made for me!  LOVE THEM!
Most burp cloths that you buy at the store are so little and it does not even start to cover any of my shirts (also costs so much for 3) so I am thrilled with the size of these AND I just LOVE the skull material we found!  Shop around and make sure to check out the clearance section of your favorite material store.

I really would love to sew more.  It is so rewarding!  Please share with me any tips you may have or other projects to try.  Any sites that have helped you when you first started?  Anything....  Thank you so much in always I LOVE hearing from you!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Slice of YUMMINESS!!!!

How YUMMY does this pizza look....ahh let me just tell you it was AWESOME!  As you know I am not a big fan of making dinner UNLESS it is something UBBERLY YUMMY!  I saw this recipe while blog surfing the other night and I knew right away this was going to quickly become a family favorite!  Our 2 favorite things BBQ sauce and PIZZA combined into ONE!!!!  YUM!

One reason I am not a big fan of cooking dinner is because I dislike the amount of time some dishes can take.  Well friends this one takes NO time at all and the kids helped make the dough...oh ya I made the pizza dough too (thanks to Avril who gave me a little extra yeast the other day!)  It took me about 35-40 min from start to finish and I was able to do a few things other then cook during this time.

I didn't get any pictures of the dough making process because I was not planning on making this a blog post but as I got thinking about it I thought WHY NOT this is going to be tasty!!!!  I need to share with my friends!

So you want to know how we did this?  OK then I will direct you to the blog I found it on...she is an amazing artist and has incredible photos of every step....
BBQ Chicken Pizza


1 1/4 teaspoon dry yeast
1 cup warm water
1 tablespoon oil
1 tablespoon sugar
2+ cups flour

Mix yeast in with warm water in bowl stir in oil and sugar.  Add enough flour to make a soft dough.  I had to use about 2 1/4 c of flour.  I used my paddle in my Kitchenaid Mixer (love that thing!) till combined.  Let rest about 5 minutes.  Honestly mine was about 10 minutes because my company was leaving.

I then stretched my dough onto a greased/floured cookie sheet.  I baked a 350 degrees for about 10 minutes.  During this time I shredded a rotisserie chicken that I picked up from the grocery store.  I got a day old cold chicken for 3 bucks....wahoo!  Using the rest for chicken salad YUMMMMMMMM

Dough after being baked at 350 degrees for 10 min.  

BEEP BEEP BEEP dough is DONE!  Now it's time for the good stuff BBQ SAUCE!!!  Slab on as much as you want...I did!

Oh how I LOVE BBQ sauce
add some shredded chicken
  Added my much as your family will enjoy.  I also added some minced onions because I didn't have any fresh....Zain really wanted some mushrooms but again I didn't have any.  I also added a little black pepper.  

Now add some yummy cheese.  I used MOZ oh so good....put back into oven at 400 degrees for 15-18 minutes.  I made my crust pretty thick (the more dough the better for me) so it took about the full 18 minutes and if I wanted it crispy (love a soft crust) then def would have had to cook it's all up to how you like it.

During baking time I did the dishes and helped the boyZ clean up their playroom.  Not much to set the table tonight because we just used some paper plates seeing as though I wanted a quick clean up so we could go to Family Night at the KPD (Keene Police Dept)

Add some cheese of your choice MOZ for me!!!!
Do your dishes while it bakes
Try to wait for it to cool.
 {BEEP BEEP BEEP} DINNER IS READY MOM????????  Yes Zain but it is RIPPIN hot we have to wait a few minutes.  That was the HARDEST part because it smelled so YUMMY!!!!

We really really enjoyed this dinner and I would like to thank Alisa Burke for taking time to share this with everyone!  I bet Chris would have been proud of this Mama!!!!  I even left him a piece to try...I wonder if he will????

This blog post took more time then it did for me to make this pizza!

Have a WONDERFUL day!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

FAMILY FUN NIGHT ROCKIN' MARRO/LENT STYLE!!!!!  Thank you Keene Police Dept!!!!