Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday Night Play Date

 Play dates are a great way for kids to get together!  I love being able to get Zain together with his friends!
Watching them interact with each other is AWESOME!  Listening to their stories and letting their imagination R U N is so fun to watch!
Zain and Jolie have been friends since Zain was born :o)  Jo is 8 months older.....I actually found out I was pregnant for Zain days before Jo was born.


I brought my camera to practice capturing memories in a new way, BUT I was so disappointed!  I must have had my camera on a wrong setting because they were coming out very blurry.  The sun was going down and my flash kept going off....My flash must be so bright because all the kids usually look like an adult on a Friday night ;o)  Eyes half open...I can't figure it out.....I have to KEEP PRACTICING!!!!

Zayden hung out in the Baby Bjorn while we were at the park.  I just LOVE that thing!!!  I am so excited that Jolie's mom Avril (a GREAT friend of mine) is having another baby and the 2 new ones will be about 5 months apart!  That just makes me smile!

The kids had so much FUN!  Chris and I LOVE going to Wheelock Park! The kids had a great time running around, climbing, jumping, and sliding!  In the bigger picture with the 2 of them they are pretending to be on Dancing with the Stars.  I was laughing so hard!

We stopped at Dunkin Donuts before heading to the park for a HOT CHOCOLATE!  They really seemed to enjoy it!  They told Chris and I they were drinking coffee....such grown ups!
After our fun evening at the park we decided to continue their play date so out for pizza we went!!!

We always have such a great time playing with friends!


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  1. I don't know if I want to cry (with happiness) or laugh...gosh, I guess I will do both! - oh yeah, I already am!

    Thank you Honey Pie for having Jolie with you for such a special meant a lot to all of us. :-)

    And the pic's are just priceless!!!!