Monday, October 11, 2010


10   10   10   Perfect Score!!!!  A great NH Fall Day

We know we have a perfect score with these 3!

Zain is just not into taking a lot of pictures these a little bribing went on...those new candy corn Hersey Kisses do amazing things!

The picture of Zain alone was actually 1 of 30....his smile kept looking so fake and he was not looking at me.  I decided to take a different approach...I started throwing leaves at him and this is what I got.  I am so happy with ALL the pictures :o)

I am really having fun taking far Zayden is the only one not complaining haha....


  1. Oh my word! - these pic's are just fabulous! Good job on getting Zain to smile!!! LOVE those shirts the boyzzz are wearing! Where did you find them?

  2. WOW, awesome pictures!! Your boys are just the cutest.