Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Eye of a Photographer

Photography is the process, activity, and art of capturing moments close to our heart that we never want to forget. 

A friend of mine has the "Eye of a Photographer"  She has been taking pictures of my family for the past few months....her gift is truly amazing!  She is able to capture moments that make my heart melt when I look through the photos

She has inspired me to look at things very differently when I pick up my camera.  The best photos are NOT always the ones that have been posed.....

or have the biggest smiles.....

She has showed me that you can play with different angles and lighting...

Also faces are not the only subject...

I have always love the art of photography and was lucky enough to get a GREAT Sony digital camera years ago....Unfortunately I have never learned how to use it to its fullest potential.  After having a wonderful conversation with my friend I decided to run off to Borders and purchase the book Digital SLR Camera and Photography for Dummies.  I can't wait to learn all about my camera!!!!  Watch out for some "play photos"!!! (I have GREAT subjects!)  If any of you wonderful readers have any tips please feel free to SHARE!!!!

All photos in this post were taken by Kristen Lenox


  1. Absolutely beautiful post Kylah! - I agree with all you have said about your adorable/beautiful subjects and everything about Kristen...she is truly an amazing photographer! I'm so excited for you to play, learn and perfect all your photography skills too! :-)

  2. Beautiful pictures. You have a gorgeous family.

  3. Kristen is a very good photographer and you are so lucky to have her shooting your family...your beautiful family!